Spreading Passion in a Group Setting

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My biggest joy in living my dream is helping others. One of my favorite ways to do so is in form of a seminar: as they join meeting new people and travel, one of my other passions. In fact, next week I am leaving on a 5th travel tour in two years spanning 5 weeks, visiting England, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Slovenia holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. Not only is it where I am from and was raised – in fact it is called a hidden jewel of Europe, and you should definitely explore it if you get a chance, particularly in the summer.

But second, and more important reason is the growth of BJJ over the last ten years. See, when I left in the early 2000s it was very sporadic and mostly done in context of MMA in pioneering efforts. Now, however, there are quite a few black belts, including up and coming competitors like Nejc Hodnik and Miha Perhavec. Next month will mark my 30th seminar in two years, and third one in Slovenia at Perun Academy in Rogaška Slatina under Elio Artič. Here’s a quick montage of the last seminar in January. Enjoy.


European turned American! Linguist, traveler, martial arts aficionado, BJJ Black Belt, and a retired executive who decided to pursue grappling full time at 35 and document the journey in order to inspire others to pursue their dreams. These are his ramblings.

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