Sports Injury Recovery: How To Minimize Time Away And Recover

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For anyone seriously involved in any contact sport, particularly martial arts, injuries are unavoidable.

Over my thirty years in martial arts, I’ve had more than my share of injuries. From light, common ones, in form of jammed thumbs, sprained ankles and bruised ribs to more serious one, like ACL tears, broken bones and serious concussions.

Outside of obvious physical harm, these injuries carry a significant mental stress as well as they sideline an athlete from his or her endeavors. Sometimes for months. How you react, what attitude you adopt, and what you do, however, directly correlates to how well you recover and how effectively you return to the sport you love.

It is important to relax, have fun and do what you can. In the first of two videos, I discuss how to react and what to do when an injury occurs to facilitate faster recovery. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to also join the discussion and view other content on any of our other channels. Safe, injury-free, training.


European turned American! Linguist, traveler, martial arts aficionado, BJJ Black Belt, and a retired executive who decided to pursue grappling full time at 35 and document the journey in order to inspire others to pursue their dreams. These are his ramblings.

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