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I was fascinated with prowess and excellence in all human endeavors since I was a child. This led from worldwide travel to fluency in six languages. From being one of the youngest Vice Presidents of a 116-year-old legacy company to stints in a start-up world of Silicon Valley. Only to retire at 35 and spend the following two years competing and training full time as a professional grappler. Last few years, my sole focus has been helping others do the same in a systemic and sustainable fashion as a grappling instructor and personal trainer. In speaking with clients, students, and competitors, I have begun to systematize these lessons and approaches across various disciplines so that the impact can exceed my immediate sphere of acquaintances – thus, this site. It’s not fancy or how’d prefer it, but it is the first step. No pomp, no false promises. Pure, raw, and uncut view at grapples of one man’s journey, so yours may be more efficient.