On Consistency and Failing at the Right Things Fitness

Last weekend I had a chance to teach a third no gi BJJ seminar at Perun Academy of Martial Arts in Rogaška Slatina. What impressed me more than a great turn-out (people came from all over Slovenia and even as far away as Zagreb), was informal discussion with a few familiar faces following 2.5 hours of instruction, Q&A session and sparring.

4th of July Thoughts from Europe Mindset/Self-improvement

Almost two years ago and fifteen years abroad, by careful consideration, I have stopped living life for others, and began living it for myself by formally becoming an American citizen. So I began charting my own, uninhibited path. I am glad I was able to share this special moment with some of the closet friends and family, both in presence and in spirit.

A Week in Sweden Review Mindset/Self-improvement

Active relaxation was the name of the game the entire week in Sweden. This 10th Planet black belt found the energy and “do it yourself” attitude to share with you useful things and do-it-yourself projects from Swedish meatballs to school hacks in form of a guide to Sweden to make your travel through this splendid country even more enjoyable.

3 Ways to Jump-Start or Reinvigorate Your Grappling Journey as a Beginner Fitness

At the end of class, I typically get asked a question of how can I improve in my grappling more quickly. In this video, I offer a lens I view grappling and other areas of my life through, along with three concepts, when applied to practice can help increase your skill acquisition and maximize training time