We all grapple with different issues in life. I am here to tell you that you possess within you all it takes to successfully grapple with those concerns and live your best life on your terms.

Grappling in both life and martial arts taught me the value of hard work and the continued pursuit of self-improvement. In my thirty year practice, I faced countless challenges, many of which seemed insurmountable. But it is only through struggles that we discover who we truly are. Facing these struggles ultimately paved the way for me to live on multiple continents, travel the world, learn several languages, become a corporate executive, earn a BJJ Black Belt, coach martial arts internationally, launch multiple businesses, and achieve financial independence, all while prioritizing quality time with my loved ones.

The more areas of life you grapple with, the more these paths start converging towards the same goal. My coaching methods started influencing my business approach which in turn enhanced my martial arts performance. Many top athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and mentors I knew also experienced the same phenomenon, leading them towards personal success. But none of us had a centralized or systematic way of sharing this knowledge.

Gregor Strakl

Which brings me to the purpose of this website.

Here I am organizing the lessons derived from my journeys in the hope that you use them as a lens and framework to define, execute, and live your best life on your terms. Welcome.