4th of July Thoughts from Europe

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Almost two years ago and fifteen years abroad, by careful consideration, I have stopped living life for others, and began living it for myself by formally becoming an American citizen. So I began charting my own, uninhibited path. I am glad I was able to share this special moment with some of the closet friends and family, both in presence and in spirit.

4th of July Thoughts from Europe

Two years later, on this Independence Day of my adopted country, I am grateful to spend time with my family on my native soil in Europe, as I am elated to return and spend it with my American one. May you tear down boundaries that hold you back, so you too can be free and do what your heart desires. If you want to learn more about my journey read here. Happy Independence Day from the Adriatic.


European turned American! Linguist, traveler, martial arts aficionado, BJJ Black Belt, and a retired executive who decided to pursue grappling full time at 35 and document the journey in order to inspire others to pursue their dreams. These are his ramblings.

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